Bus Code of Conduct

1.     All players will be silent and attentive during the ride to the contest. PTW.

2.     Players will be seated with their positional coach in the following manner:

a.     Lineman – back 1/3 of the bus.

b.     Backs/Backers – middle 1/3 of bus.

c.      Kickers/Receivers/QB/DB – front 1/3 of bus.

3.     All players will carry equipment on and off the bus.

4.     Upon returning from an away trip, players will clean their section of the bus. All trash, dirt, tape, etc. will be placed into the trash can in the front of the bus.

5.     No swearing or putting hands out the window. Do not do anything that would shame the Western legacy.

6.     Head sets are allowed unless regulated by your positional coach.

7.     Stay seated at all times and follow the directions of the bus driver and your coaches.

8.     “Alma Mater” will be sung after crossing the tracks from the North or Pontiac Trail from the South after a WLW victory!