Team Rules

Western Football Code of Conduct

1.     Athletes must travel to and from any contest in transportation provided by the school.  The only exception is when prior arrangements between the parent and the coach have been made.

2.     A display of unsportsmanlike conduct toward an opponent or official or use of profanity during practice or game may result in disciplinary action by the head coach and/or school administration.

3.     Use of alcohol, tobacco, drug use or possession, curfew and academic eligibility will be governed by the regulations of the Walled Lake school district, the Athletic Policy Handbook, or other team rules. It is each player and parent’s responsibility to read the Athletic Policy Handbook. The program has the right to go over and above the district guidelines under special circumstances. Including drug testing. 

4.     No football player will be in attendance of any gathering where alcohol/illegal drugs are being provided or distributed to minors. Stay away from these situations for your reputation, the reputation of your family, and the reputation of the program.

5.     The first offense for items 3 and 4 will be 20% of the season. The second offense is 40% of the season. The third offense is 100% of the season.

6.     A student must be in school all day in order for him to participate in any activity that day.  An exception would be made if a student had an approved appointment with a note to the school and coach or has permission to leave by a school administrator.

7.     Equipment issued to an athlete is their responsibility.  If they do not have all their equipment and uniforms at the end of the season, it is the athlete’s responsibility to reimburse the athletic department for such items.

8.     Theft or malicious destruction of any school or individual equipment or property is not to be tolerated and will be dealt with through disciplinary action and /or team suspension by the head coach, school, and athletic administration

9.     Unexcused absence from scheduled practice or meeting will result in:

1.     Suspension for one game following the first violation

2.     Suspension for the remainder of the season following the second. 

In order for practice to be excused on a school day, the player must have an excused absence from school and excused by the coaching staff.  On a non-school day, a phone call or a written excuse from a parent must notify the coach.  The coaching staff will review the excuse.

10.            The athletic code is subject to school disciplinary regulations and the athlete may be subjected to further disciplinary action as the result of school administration policy.

11.            Each football player is expected to represent Walled Lake Western, the Football Program, and himself to the highest standards of his ability.  Any incident or action that is considered an embarrassment or discredit to this responsibility will result in disciplinary action by the head coach and/or school administration up to dismissal from the team.

12.            In order for a player to be eligible for a letter, post-season awards, and recognition, he must finish the season in good standing.  The season begins on the first official day of practice and ends with the awards banquet or two weeks following the final contest, whichever occurs last.