Playoff Rules - Bring a Player up to Varsity

Playoff Rules for players brought up from the JV or Freshman team.


·         No player may miss any practice.  The player WILL NOT dress for games or pregame practice.

·         The player is expected to make all the sacrifices that the current varsity players make. If a player is removed from the team, he will receive no post-season awards.  The player will still receive all awards from his JV or Freshman season.

·         A player will not earn a Varsity letter for being brought up for the post season unless he moves into a starting position.  This is an opportunity for the player to work with his positional coach for the following season and to be apart of a championship.  The players will practice and dress for games.

·         Some players may play in a game, maybe the state championship game! 

·         We will expect the players to travel with the team to away games and take part in all pre-game meetings and meals.

·         Any post-season awards will be presented to all players that come up for the duration of the season.