Attendance Policy

ATTENDANCE WILL BE RECORDED DAILY.  AN IRON-MAN AWARD FOR VARSITY PLAYERS WILL BE AWARDED AT THE POST-SEASON BANQUET. THIS IS A REWARD FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE.  Please check with your attendance coach at the end of the season for accuracy of records.  We do not want to miss any player by accident.

I. Unexcused Absence Policy


A. First UNEXCUSED absence will result in a one game suspension.


B. Second UNEXCUSED absence will result in removal from the team for the remainder of the season. The player will receive no awards or recognition.  Our players are young adults and need to learn from their decisions.


C. In order for a practice to be excused on a non-school day, the coach must be notified by a phone call, e-mail, or a written excuse from a parent.  On any school day, the player must have an excused absence from school.


D. The football program for will not excuse absences for work, vacations, social trips, sleeping in, etc.  Just because an absence is excusing someone from missing school does not mean it excuses the player from practice. Always check with your coaches prior to any prearranged absence.


E. Parents are encouraged to ask the school secretary to put a message in the coach’s mailbox when they call in an absence to school.


II. Excused Absence Policy


A. For each EXCUSED absence from practice, a player must run the conditioning missed that day with a captain or coach after practice sometime during that week.  This is not a punishment, but an effort to fulfill his responsibilities and obligations to the team’s weekly preparation and conditioning. 


B. Players are required to be at practice and with their position group wearing a yellow jersey at all times when their participation is limited due to an injury or an illness, unless they are sent home by a coach.  This will allow them to take part in the week’s mental preparation and adjustments even though they cannot participate physically.


III. Unexcused Tardy Policy


A.      Players that are late for meetings/practices:

                        1st offense – Warning

                                                2nd offense – Does not start

3rd or more – Will not play that week


B.      Any occurrence there after –    

1st offense – Does not start

                                                2nd or more – Does not play

C.      Game Day Tardy – will not dress nor be allowed on the sideline. Additional occurrences can lead to removal from the team.